In the B2B world, knowing who your customers are is the key to fostering excellent working relationships, converting those leads and forging new connections. With Toucan Tracker, you can connect to your customers in a way that a simple analytics tool can't provide. Not only can you see who has visited your site, you can also get the full information about their browsing history, company name and contact details - making going from prospective customer to purchase just one simple step.


How does Toucan Tracker work?


Unlike conventional tracking systems, Toucan Tracker works with you to understand which customers are viable leads or those that are in the early stages of the decision process. By giving you greater insight into the browsing habits of your leads, and an understanding of where that company is coming from, you can provide a far more personalised, efficient sales service that takes the needs of your customer into account.

Simply turn the tracker on when you need it and you can view everything your visitors do in real time, from time spent on pages to specific searches they make. Understand what appeals most to your customer base and tweak your website to draw attention to certain products, and see the results in minutes. Toucan Tracker provides you with that flexibility, at just £99 plus VAT per month.


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What Can The Toucan Tracker Do For Your Business?




What else can Toucan Tracker do?


Not only does our specially designed system offer you valuable insight into your prospective customer base, it also provides you with a practical and efficient tool to understand the success of your website, and even provides you with ways to contact those customers directly. With Toucan Tracker, you don't let your customers walk away empty-handed; you provide them with the tools and information they need to take that purchasing decision to the next step.

Using a smart combination of traffic source, keywords and more, Toucan Tracker takes both your sales and marketing capabilities to the next level, allowing you to put visitor data under the microscope and develop a better, easier and more practical way to connect with your customers in every step of their journey.

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